Nowadays, with the growth of the technological devices while consumers perceive ease of use and usefulness, they also feel technology anxiety. Recently, there are films or TV series which discuss the subject of technology anxiety and warn the consumers. The most remarkable of them is Black Mirror, which is used as a reference for this research. In this research, the mixed method had been used in order to examine the relationship between technology anxiety, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness within the scope of technology acceptance model. For the first part of the research, the data gathered from 372 people with the online survey. Confirmatory factor analysis has been done to the data and structural equation model had been established. The data shows that, perceived usefulness had no effect on technology anxiety but perceived ease of use has negative effect on technology anxiety. For the second part of the research, in depth interviews had been done. The data of in depth interviews shows that perceived usefulness had an effect not on anxiety but on buying decision. Perceived ease of use had decreased the anxiety because of the feeling that they had the control on the device.