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Alain Michael MOMO


This study was conducted to determine measures of dispersion for normal distribution of nation brand ranking in line with Backus’s e-governance model adoption. The significance of this study dwells in the quantitative interpretations of Backus’s e-governance model for rebranding African nations. This is an exploratory study, which is based on the emic perspective (author’ s viewpoint) built on literature reviewing and inferential statistics. The results show that the probability for investors to select randomly South Africa as business destination P (RSA) is 35%. The mean of top 10 African nation brands being 61.2; South Africa’s brand variance of 156.8; and standard deviation of 5.8 translates better reputation and positioning from the sample (n).


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MOMO, A. (2019). QUANTITATIVE PERCEPTIONS OF BACKUS’S E-GOVERNANCE MODEL. TURKISH JOURNAL OF MARKETING, 4(2), 150-161. https://doi.org/10.30685/tujom.v4i2.55
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Alain Michael MOMO, Cape Peninsula University of Technology Cape Town-South Africa

Lecturer, Marketing Department


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