This study is based on the consumer’s attitude towards the infomercial and impact of attitude on the purchase decision. Infomercial is a method which is used in the direct response television marketing. Direct response television marketing is direct marketing which is done through television. Therefore, direct marketing and direct response television marketing is mentioned in the first chapter, and consumer behaviour and purchase decision process is mentioned in the second chapter.

This study establishes a model which effects the consumer perception towards the infomercial, infomercial shopper’s specification, infomercial’s content affect of consumer attitude towards the  infomercial and consumer attitude towards the infomercial that effects the purchase behaviour, and examined the relationship between eachother.

Combination of both qualitative and quantitative research methods are used as research method in this study. Focus groups are applied as the qualitative research and surveys are applied as the quantitative research. The aim is making a contribution to direct marketing, direct response television marketing and infomercial literature with the findings and the model of the research.