The aim of this study is to determine relationships between the consumers' voluntary simple lifestyles, shopping motivations and brand experiences. In order to meet this aim, quantitative research approach and survey model (field study) was used, the data were collected according to the convenience sampling by means of a questionnaire which was formed from customers living in Mersin city. Data were analyzed by statistical techniques such as factor analysis, pearson-product-moment correlation coefficient, and multivariate variance analysis (MANOVA). As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the volunteer simple lifestyles of the consumers can be handled in two sub-dimensions: the prudent shopping attitude and the simple product preference and the willingness to live voluntarily. The results revealed that the prudent shopping attitude and simple product preference sub-dimension of the voluntary simple lifestyle were related to the sub-dimensions of shopping motivation and brand experience. These results are thought to provide significant clues to the conceptual literature and the practice area.